GoDaddy Web Hosting

Based out of Scottsdale Arizona, GoDaddy began life as a domain registrar, helping business owners and web professionals alike to get their hands on low cost website addresses. Thanks to some snappy advertising campaigns and quality service, they quickly grew into one of the biggest domain name companies on the net.

From those not-so-humble beginnings, the company rapidly evolved, and today boast a reputation as being the biggest one-stop-shop for website owners on the ‘net.

Not only do they continue to provide domain names, they’ve also expanded to provide web hosting, virtual servers, SEO and online marketing packages, and even website building tools.

Yet since you came here looking to get the facts about the best website hosting packages, today we’re going to focus purely on that side of the online juggernaut that is GoDaddy.

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Pricing plans

GoDaddy Hosting Plans

As with everything the company does, GoDaddy offers you a number of hosting plans to help you pick one that’s right for you.

The prices in the image above are all paid in advance for a single term of 12 months. Sign up for even longer, and you’ll save even more.

Economy hosting

For the economy plan, we’re talking £4.99 for three months, £3.99 for 12, and then after that, just £2.99 for 24, 36, 48, or even sixty monty.


Go to the next level, and you’re looking at a single month charged at £5.99, a 12 month plan at the featured £4.99, or only £3.99 if you stay the distance on a long-term plan.


Ultimate hosting customers can enjoy one month at £9.99, 12 months at £5.99, or a £4.99 per month plan for up to 60 months.

In our opinion, once you’ve decided which plan you need, you’ll benefit financially for signing up to a long term deal, delaying the inevitable renewal date when, of course, those costs go up.

GoDaddy Hosting – What’s included?

The Economy plan is well placed to meet the needs of most small-medium websites, especially those with moderate traffic. Here, you’ll have 1GB of storage space to host a single website, unlimited bandwidth and 100 email addresses.

Need something a little more, you might want to look at the Deluxe Plan, where you can host as many websites as you like, and take advantage of unlimited storage and up to 500 email addresses. This is an ideal plan if you need to host multiple basic websites drawing decent traffic numbers.

If you’re planning a large eCommerce site, need increased security, or otherwise require greater power for your sites, then the Ultimate Plan goes one step further, throwing in a free Shared SSL certificate, Premium DNS, 2X Processing Power & Memory, and additional 500 email addresses, along with all the features of the Deluxe Plan.

GoDaddy web hosting plans

No matter which plan you go for, you’ll get a free one-year’s domain registration included.

Building your website

One of the things we like the most about GoDaddy is that you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to deciding how to create your website. The hosting company provides one-click installation of all major Content Management Systems (CMS), along with scores of other applications that help you really serve the needs of your visitors.

GoDaddy web hosting - Installed Apps

Beyond that, you can also make full use of a simple-yet-effective drag and drop website builder, which not only saves you the cost of hiring an expensive web developer to create your site, but also means you’ll likely be surprised at just how easy it is to create a great looking website.

Ease of use

Having used GoDaddy for a long time, we’ve found them one of the easiest hosting platforms to get to grips with. The aforementioned website builder is smooth, sleek and user-friendly, whilst elsewhere, you have the option to decide between the popular cPanel interface, or the more advanced Parallels Plesk.

Either one of these options will make life easy for you when it comes to launching and maintaining your website, though for our money, cPanel is the way to go if you’re still fairly new to owning and running your own sites.


Even on the basic economy plan, you should have no problems with loading speeds or any of the kind of issues that come with a less-than-reliable host.

If you do find that your’re starting to outgrow this particular plan, the good news is that you can always upgrade. GoDaddy hosting plans are completely scalable, so you increase your allocations and grow your hosting solution as your website evolves.

Customer support

We can’t fault GoDaddy for their commitment to providing excellent customer service. Though the Live Chat option isn’t always easy to find, it is there, along with 24 x 7 phone support at local-rate numbers. In our experience, their support team are quick to respond to questions, and will work with you to help you get tackle even the most complicated of issues. That’s if the vast array of video tutorials, walk-throughs, and knowledgebase articles don’t provide the answers you’re looking for.


GoDaddy Ecommerce

If you’re planning to launch an online store with GoDaddy, you’ll be best served by their Ultimate Plan, which comes with that free shared SSL certificate and an all-important dedicated IP address.

The usual shopping carts are all avaiable through one-click install, though for a more dedicated solution, you might want to consider the company’s eCommerce plan. At £20.99 per month after the first month’s free trial, this is certainly more expensive than the Ultimate Plan, but does take out a lot of the hassle that comes with trying to navigate your way around complexed platforms like Magento.

Our Verdict

We like GoDaddy for its flexibility, its excellent customer support, and its unwavering passion for helping business owners set up and manage their ideal website. Yet that’s just our view. If you’re already using GoDaddy, think there’s something we haven’t mentioned above, or want to give your take, you can leave your own review below.