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When we came to compare the best web hosting deals around, putting iPage right at the very top was practically a no-brainer. Offering everything both experienced professionals and novice website owners a like could possibly need to power their new online platforms, iPage don’t just provide a complete hosting solution, they do it at some of the cheapest prices on the market.

An impressive introductory offer means you’ll be able to get your new site up and running in no time for just £1.19 per month on a 12, 24 or 26 month plan.

If you’re in this for the long-haul, we recommend taking out the 36 month package. Surely your initial investment will be a bit more than it would if you were to go for one, or even two years, but with renewal prices taking the cost of hosting up to £4.99 per month, plus VAT, you’ll be well served by making your first term stretch as long as possible.

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iPage Essentials – What’s Included?

As is quick becoming the standard with any leading hosting company, iPage will throw in free, one-year domain registration when you sign up for hosting, so you don’t have to worry about buying your website address from a separate company and configuring it to point to your new site.

iPage Hosting - Free Domain Name

You’ll get to pick your own domain name when you come to sign up, but for now, let’s look at what else is in store with your Essentials package.

Website building tools, one-click installation of popular platforms like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal all come as standard, as does an inbuilt Enhanced Security Suite, valued at £100.

Bandwidth and storage space

The good news here, is that you’ll never need worry about maxing out your allocations. Bandwidth, storage space, domains and MySQL are all unlimited, in keeping with the iPage Usage Policy guidelines.

Add-ons and recommendations

Having been suitably impressed by all the features, tools and unlimited resources available to you, we don’t doubt that you’ll be heading straight for the sign-up page.

When you get there, you’ll find iPage likes to recommend a number of add-on Website Essentials, all of which come with an extra charge.

iPage Upsells On the face of it, these all look like a great deal, especially given what each add-on promises to do for you, but as with most things in life, things aren’t all they appear to be.

Need our advice on whether or not to throw these add-ons into your hosting package? Here you are:

WordPress Essentials – £3 per month
If you’re planning to run your website on WordPress, this might well look like a tempting offer. Though what iPage don’t tell you (for obvious reasons), is that anything your WP Essentials bundle can do for you at £3 per month, a couple of plugins can do just as well -if not better- and for free. Save yourself the money on this one, and optimize your website for free.

Advanced Site Protection and Performance Accelerator – £1.66 per month
Again, there’s not an awful lot of need for this. Most hosting providers should be checking for malware and other threats as standard. If they weren’t, we wouldn’t be recommending them on Best Web Hosting.

Google Apps for Work – £5 per month
Don’t get us wrong, we’re not knocking Google Apps for anything. The search giants’ office productivity tools are some of the best we’ve seen. In fact, they’re so good, that their free version provides more than enough for most businesses, and we can’t see any reason why you’d need to pay £60 per year for it.

Automate Your Site Backup for £12.95/year – £1.08 per month
Now this is one we do recommend. Many website owners forget, or never even consider, backing up their website, which can cause serious issues when things go wrong. The £1.08 per month is a small price to pay for knowing you’ve got a regular backup in place when you need it.

Make Your Website Look Great on Mobile Phones – £2.99 per month
Getting your website to look good and work on mobile and tablets is certainly important, which is why most Content Management Systems and website building tools are already equipped to help you make a responsive site. With that in mind, there’s no real need to buy this one, either.

Ease of Use

Unlike many providers who use cPanel, iPage opt to use the other popular alternative, vDeck. The results are just as good: A highly visual, highly intuitive control panel which makes building, managing and maintaining your website a breeze.


It’s hard to fault iPage on their reliability, boasting as they do a 99% up time. That said, you’ll have better luck with the company if you’re planning to host static pages, small websites, or those that aren’t likely to attract thousands upon thousands of visitors on a daily basis.

If your site requires a hefty database or lots of large media files, you might start running into a few issues, especially if said sites becomes increasingly popular.

iPage any time moneyback guaranteeAnytime moneyback guarantee

Still, if you do find you’re not satisfied with what’s on offer, there’s always the option of getting your money back.

During the first 30 days of your time, you can get a full refund of the cost of your hosting. After that, the rolling warrantly means you can cancel at any time and receive a refund for the remainder of your plan.

Customer service

If you do run into issues with your hosting, you’re well covered at all times with phone, email and live chat support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There’s also a substantial knowledge base and plenty of tutorials to guide you through many of the more common issues you’ll face when launching your first website.


iPage comes highly recommended for those looking to launch their first online store on a limited budget.

As part of your Essentials hosting plan, you’ll have free access to shopping carts like Agoracart, Shopsite and more, as well as a shared SSL certificate, again free of charge.

There’s also the option to install and run popular eCommerce CMS platforms like Magento.

Our verdict

Whilst the company goes a long way to meeting the needs of experienced website owners and online entrepreneurs, we believe that you’ll get the best value from iPage if you’re just launching your first site and only have a small budget to play around with.

There’s few that can match this host in terms of value for money, but that’s just our opinion. What do you think? Have you used iPage in the past? We’d love to hear from you. Leave us your review below.