Justhost Web Hosting Review
Trust us, when we call Justhost a no-frills hosting company, we absolutely mean it as a compliment. Doing away with the fancy landing pages and expensive marketing campaigns, the British company get right down to what’s really important: Solid, reliable hosting at affordable prices.

It’s the latter which makes them one of our picks for the web’s best hosting companies. With first-term prices starting at just £1.95 per month, they’re certainly one of the cheapest web hosts around.

Not that cheap is necessarily a bad word in this case. As we’ll discuss below, Justhost pack an awful lot into their packages, making them great value for money. We doubt we’re the only ones who think so, either. If you have experience of using Justhost, you can always leave us your own reviews here.

Justhost pricing plans

Justhost Web Hosting

Justhost plans have seen an increase in price recently, as it wasn’t all that long ago that the company’s cheapest option was just £1.75 a month for the first term. Still, at less than two pounds a month, we’ve still haven’t found anything cheaper, at least nothing that could match Justhost round-for-round in terms of the services you’ll get with your plan.

As with many providers, the price of this plan goes up when you start to decrease the length of your first term. The £1.95 offer applies to a 36 month term, whilst 24 months is priced at £2.49, a a yearly deal will set you back £2.95 per month.

The three plans available are typical of most hosting companies, with the above costs getting you a basic Starter plan that should prove adequate for most small-medium websites.

Owners of multiple websites, including those that are expecting lots of traffic, might want to look at the Plus option, priced at £2.95 for 36 months, £3.49 for 24 or £3.95 for 12 months.

Need something even more substantial, prices for the Business Pro plan range from £5.99 up to £8.99

Justhost packages – What’s Included

Justhost web hosting features

Customers on the Starter plan can host one website, with 100GB of space, unlimited bandwidth and 500MB of email storage for your 100 free email addresses.

On the next level up, you’ll benefit from unlimited everything, along with a global Content Delivery Network and spam prevention tools.

Those  needing high-powered hosting for large, popular sites can enjoy all of that, along with A free SSl certificate and dedicated IP – perfect for eCommerce users and others who need to collect user data. Business Pro users also receive free use of Sitebackup Pro and Domain Privacy Protection.

On the face of it, this doesn’t seem to be much different from the offers put out there by other hosting providers. Yet what Justhost lack in originality, they more than make up for in cost. Sure, you can get pretty much the same package elsewhere, but you won’t get it as cheap as you will here.

Free domain

Justhost domain name

These days, it’s rare to find a hosting company that don’t throw in a free domain name for at least a year. Justhost are no different in as much as they do give you the option to include one, but there’s a slight, not-entirely-welcome twist. Where other providers just bundle the domain in, Justhost prompt you to use their free domain coupon. That might not necessarily be a huge make-or-break factor for you, but it does mean that if you have another discount coupon to reduce the cost of your hosting even further, you won’t be able to use it.

Ease of use

Justhost cPanel

As part of their commitment to basic, no-frills hosting, Justhost cut out the complications and hassles of building, launching and managing your site long-term.

Like many of their competitors, they use the popular cPanel dashboard, and it’s from here where you can do everything from uploading files and editing pages, to managing your email accounts and taking advantage of one-click installations for WordPress and countless other applications.

Bluehost Moneyback GuaranteeReliability

Many independent reviews of Justhost rank their uptime performance around 99.8%, and in our own experience as a customer, we haven’t found anything to dispute this.

If you’re not happy, there’s a simple moneyback guarantee in place. Cancel your account at any time, and the company will refund the remainder of your term.

That said, the refund doesn’t apply to any set-up fees you were initially charged, nor to any fees relating to the cost of your domain name. It does, however, mean that you’re free to keep your domain and take it to a new provider if you wish.

Customer service

The standard live chat, email and telephone support options are all present and correct here, and in our experience, are manned by friendly, knowledgeable support staff. All queries are responded to quickly, even during busy hours, and the support available is as good as you could hope for.

A decent knowledgebase also exists, though the company’s video tutorials do leave a lot to be desired. The last time we checked, none of the videos featured on their site were actually up and running.

Justhost EcommerceEcommerce

Though you’ll need the SSL certificate and dedicated IP address on offer with the Business Pro package in order to run a successful eCommerce website with Justhost, you are at least well served with a plethora of options for your shopping card and other tools.

Leading tools like Agora, Cube, Zen and OS are all available, and if you want to use an eCommerce-focused CMS like Magento, you’ll have an easy time of that with one-click installation.


Our verdict

Justhost may not do much that any other leading hosting companies does already, but they do certainly do it a lot cheaper, and it’s for this reason that we rate them so highly.

However, that’s not to say that it’s the only reason, and we’d love to hear what you think about the company. Good, bad or in different, if you’ve used this hosting provider in the past, why not leave us your own Justhost review below.